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Online Assessment 

and Therapy

  • In-depth Assessments

  • Individualised Therapy Sessions 

  • Supportive Therapy Coaching Sessions (for parents/carers)

  • Bespoke Training

  • Attendance at therapy review meetings (e.g. EHCP meetings)

  • Professional written reports

Lucy Colcombe private Speech Therapist - online child speech therapy in Barnstaple, Exeter, Oxford, London, Bristol, Cwmbran, Cardiff and UK

Suitability for online sessions

  • For children and adults (aged 4+ years) [N.B. Under 16 yrs - parental consent and adult supervision required during sessions] 

  • Must be familiar with screens and able to use a computer mouse

  • Must have an adequate attention level to focus on short, age-appropriate, interactive screen activities [breaks are included as necessary]

Teletherapy Evidence

Online Assessments and Therapy (aka: Telehealth/Teletherapy) is an effective method of service delivery for a wide range of communication difficulties for children and adults.

View the growing research evidence journal articles and the advantages as outlined by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)

Lucy Colcombe is a member of the RCSLT, as well as The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), and abides by the stated principles and professional standards at all times.

Suitable for the following communication needs:

  • Speech sounds delay [N.B. Most speech clarity difficulties can be assessed in detail with adequate audio and visual quality. However, some speech sound difficulties are more complex and may require an in-person assessment, e.g. Dysarthria (slurred speech), velopharyngeal insufficiencies (VPI), oral-motor difficulties - please contact to discuss if you are unsure] 

  • Verbal Dyspraxia

  • Understanding and/or using spoken language

  • Social interaction difficulties [Including communication difficulties associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)]

  • Stammer

  • Aphasia (as a result of stroke/brain injury)   

  • Voice disorder  

  • Selective Mutism - This difficulty is assessed and treated differently from other communication needs as in the assessment and therapy support is parent and carer led, with specialist guidance from the therapist [Please contact for further information]


The majority of communication needs an be effectively assessed and treated through online direct 1:1 sessions or through therapy coaching with parents/carers. Please contact if needed.

In-person Clinic Assessment Days

Online services may not be suitable for some people. In these circumstances, you may wish to see Lucy in-person by booking an assessment session on one of the available 'Assessment Days'. 




  • Barnstaple Clinic

  • Exeter Clinic


  • Cwmbran Clinic

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