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Due to high number of emails, please take the time to search for the answer you require before making contact.

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Do you currently have availability for assessment and weekly therapy sessions?

Yes. Current availability is regularly updated on this website. You are able to view the therapist's precise availability for each appointment type on the online calendar. To view, please sign-up or login for free.

What are your fees?

All appointments, availability and fees can be viewed immediately on this website once you have signed in/logged on for free. Once logged in, you are also able to book a free 10 min online trial with Lucy using the teletherapy platform or book a free 10 min telephone call to discuss your needs.  

Do you see children and adults?

Yes. Detailed assessments and weekly therapy sessions/therapy coaching sessions are available to book for both children and adults with communication needs.

Are all your sessions delivered online?

Yes. Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy provides online assessments and therapy sessions for individuals throughout the UK and internationally. 


Are any sessions delivered in-person?

Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy has clinics in North Devon, South Devon and South Wales. Currently, you are only able to book/enquire about in-person assessment sessions (not therapy sessions). All therapy sessions/therapy coaching sessions following an assessment are delivered online.

What types of communication difficulties can you assess and treat online?

Clinical experience and evidence-based practice research clearly confirms the effectiveness of online teletherapy practice in carrying out assessments and therapy treatment sessions for a wide-variety of communication needs for both children and adults. Lucy uses the exact same assessments, therapy resources and evidence-based therapy intervention approaches for both her in-person and online clients.

Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy is currently mostly able to assess and treat the following communication difficulties online:

  • Speech delay/disorder in children (speech sound errors in words and articulation of individual sounds)

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) / Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) / Verbal Dyspraxia - oral motor co-ordination difficulties (children and adults)

  • Language delay/disorder [e.g. Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)] (children and adults)

  • Aphasia (language disorder resulting from stroke/brain injury)

  • Stammer (dysfluent speech) 

  • Voice disorders

  • Pragmatic communication disorders (social communication skills) - such as social interaction difficulties often seen in people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) 

  • Selective Mutism (severe anxiety disorder where a person is unable to speak in particular social situations and environments or with certain people)

What communication difficulties require an in-person assessment?

Due to some assessments and therapy interventions requiring a more physical, 'hands-on' approach, unfortunately not all communication needs can be met via online teletherapy. Therefore, the following communication difficulties would require in-person assessment and therapy support (when possible):

  • Oral motor speech disorders, such as Dysarthria (slurred speech) - sometimes seen as a result of stroke/brain injury

  • Velopharyngeal Dysfunction (VPD) - nasal sounding speech due to muscle insufficiencies

  • Speech difficulties due to physical abnormalities, such as cleft lip and palate, jaw misalignment, etc.

  • Dysphagia (eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties)

  • Children or adults who are unable to focus their attention for short periods of time via online teletherapy directly with the therapist, or who may be unable to control mouse movements when/if necessary (often not necessary). The majority of children age 4+ can attend to assessment and therapy sessions online. Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy offers online 'Therapy Coaching Sessions' for parents/carers/teachers to guide, support and empower  the direct and daily implementation of therapy approaches without the need for direct contact with the child/person with the communication need.      


I have a child under 4 years old with a limited attention span. Can you still help me online?

Yes. The initial assessment session is suitably adapted to obtain all the necessary information to devise an individualised therapy treatment programme. For young children who have delayed speech and language, whether you see a therapist in-person or online, the therapy approaches are often delivered directly by the parents (sometimes nursery/preschool staff) following modelling and guidance from the therapist. The therapist carefully observes and monitors the parents implementation of the therapy approach and guides them to continue supporting their child's communication development in the comfortable surroundings of their own home (or nursery/preschool) and using the child's own toys. This indirect therapy intervention approach, through the direct training and weekly guidance from the therapist, is routed in evidence-based practice and can be delivered effectively online through therapy coaching sessions with parents/carers. N.B. This approach is also intentionally used for the treatment of stammering in young children, as well as Selective Mutism for all ages in most circumstances.   

Can you write a report for an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

Yes. All assessment sessions include a detailed written assessment report and an individualised therapy treatment programme which can be used to support the application or review of an EHCP. 

I have already had a speech and language assessment. Do I need another one before starting therapy treatment?

Yes, if your assessment was carried out by someone outside Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy.

However, depending on when your assessment was carried out and the level of detail in the assessment report written by the Speech Therapist (which will be necessary for you to share), you may be able to book an 'Informal Review' assessment, instead of a full assessment session, prior to you starting therapy. Please see the Assessment Guide once logged in for more details.

Please note: in some circumstances (e.g. if a language disorder is identified and diagnosed following an 'Initial Assessment Session') it may be necessary to carry out an 'Additional Assessment Session' to obtain further information necessary to devise the most effective treatment plan.

Do you provide training for school staff or carers?

Yes. Lucy Colcombe Speech Therapy can provide online bespoke training for anyone supporting someone with a communication difficulty. A training session for up to 4 people can be booked once logged in on this website. If you require training for a larger group of people or have particular training needs, please contact us providing the details of your training requirements. 

Please contact via the contact form below if your question has not been answered above.


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